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Message Boards and Forums: You can use any of my graphics and credit is not required. Do NOT claim these as your own.
LiveJournal: Same rules apply, although I encourage you to give credit if using as an icon since it is easily given and will help direct traffic back here.
Websites: You may post up to five avatars, two blends and/or one wallpaper, with credit given. You may not post more without express permission given by myself. Please note that this includes Photobuckets and other similar sites.
Note about Bases: The bases I post on this site may NOT be redistributed in their original form. You are welcome to edit them into your own works or link to my site, but unless you do turn them into your own avatars, you may not re-post them.

Anything else on this site may not be posted on other websites without my permission, since some of it isn't mine originally and I have permission from the owner to display it. It's okay to post a few things on forums or message boards as long as credit is given to the source.

Thank you for your cooperation! :)

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