Credit and Thanks

If I said I owned and created all the photos, videos, effects and etc. that I used in my artwork, I would be a dead man, and A: I'm alive and B: I'm a girl, so no, I do not own any of that, neither is everything on my site original content from me.

To all the people who helped make this site possible: THANK YOU!

There are many, many people to credit for this, so I'll just go down the line.

100x100 Brushes
Hybrid Genesis
Spirit Sighs

Character Bios
MANY thanks to the folks who helped contribute!
Djaq - Emeth, Hwin
Nothin' But Narnia - Jill Pole, Polly Plummer, Eustace Scrubb
Lady Luthien - Puddleglum
Flambeau - Aslan, Miraz
Abby V. - Caspian
Laura P. - Shasta
Lady Arwen - Digory Kirke
Emily Gracen - Rilian

Thanks to these LiveJournal users:


This list is as complete as I can make it, but if you've seen me use some of your brushes and credit was not given, please send me an email and I'll fix it right away! :)

Thank you!

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