How to make an Animated Avatar

Hey! Welcome to the land of Animated Avatars. Or gifs. Or animated anything. Or whatever.
When I first created my first tutorial explaing how to make an animated avatar, I had no idea that it would get as many hits as it did. I also had no idea that I'd have so many people emailing me with questions or problems resulting from using my tutorial (I SAID I couldn't explain things very well!). And I also didn't expect that my knowledge of Photoshop would increase so much as to make my instructions old, obsolete, and useless. While I haven't made making an animated avatar completely hassle-free and time-effecient, I have streamlined it to the point where, if you know what you're doing, you can complete the process without nearly as many tears and frustrations.
So have fun! If I still haven't gotten it right this time around and you're still lost, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

Note: All my tutorials are explained using Adobe Photoshop CS and Imageready, although there are a varity of other programs that can do the same thing. Some of the tutorials may also require a seperate video edting program, such as Windows Movie Maker.

Getting the movie clip into Photoshop:
There are several ways to get a movie clip prepared for editing, and these are listed by difficulty level.

Animating the clip:
The nitty-gritty stuff!

Adding Effects:
All the little things that really can make or break an avatar.

Just for fun, here's my old tutorial for animations. It's pretty outdated in terms of technique, but hey, maybe you can get something out of it!

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