Are you just learning how to use a photo editor, or are you just looking for a new perspective? Spareoom.net has a small but growing collection of tutorials designed for Photoshop, including a very comprehensive section on how to make moving, or animated, avatars. Enjoy!

Note: All my tutorials are explained using Adobe Photoshop CS and Imageready, although there are a varity of other programs that can do the same thing. Some of the tutorials may also require a seperate program for video editing or screencap taking, such as Windows Movie Maker or PowerDVD.

Frequently Asked Questions: Graphics

General Tutorials:

How to Upload an Image
How to make a Blend
How to Screen Capture a Movie
Animated Avatars:

Here you will find a series of extensive and comprehensive tutorials all dedicated to explaining how to make an animated, or "moving", avatar.

Click Here!
GIMP Coloring Tutorials:
Click on a graphic below to see how to achieve the same coloring/effect!

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