Lisa the Webmistress:

Lisa the Webmistress

Name: Elisabeth, otherwise known as Lisa (okay, so its actually pronounced 'Lissa', but 'Lisa' looks a whole lot nicer, right?)
Online Nickname: Gymfan15
Age: Between 13 and 33
Birthday: April 1st (no joke)
Place of residence: Chicago
Favorite Narnia character: Either Susan or Edmund Pevensie
Favorite Narnia actor: Georgie Henley
Favorite Narnia book: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Favorite Narnia movie: Erm...whichever one is out. ;)

Favorite non-Narnia movies: Princess Bride, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, Apollo 13, End of the Spear, the Lord of the Rings, and many more!
Favorite non-Narnia books: Princess Bride, the LotR books (including the Hobbit), Johnny Tremain, Cheaper by the Dozen, my Bible, End of the Spear, and MANY more.
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Reading, writing, NOT arithmatic; doing counted cross-stitch, working on Photoshop or working on my site and listening to music.

Why I made this site:
Back in late 2005; before LWW came out, I had a Photobucket that I used to host my Narnia-related graphics. People must have liked them because I kept running out of bandwidth. That bugged me, so I decided to plunk down the 20 bucks and get a premium account. No hassle, right?
But when I talked with my dad about it, he advised me to host my graphics on his site instead. At first I didn't want to do all the extra work, but it got my creative juices running and I bought this domain ( in October.
However, the site was not published until January 2006, and it wasn't until late February of that year when the site actually started pulling together to form a coherent place that people would like to visit.

Anecdotes of my Narnia experiences:
  • I didn't read the Narnia books or have any knowledge of it until I was 15. My first 'real' introduction to Narnia was seeing the end of Prince Caspian, when the battle is over and Caspian is crowned King. After that I saw the other movies, read the book, and it took off from there!
  • My first introduction to the Narnia movie was in April 2005, I believe, when the WETA costumes featurette came out. My sister told me about it (she saw it on IMDB) but I wasn't too interested. Then I saw the teaser trailer online in May, and I was hooked! It wasn't until June, however, till I REALLY got into the movie hype...I decided I wanted to know more about the movie making process, so I googled the movie. I found a number of Narnia forums including Narniaweb, and it just went on from there!
  • My first trip to a movie theater was when I went to see LWW on Dec. 9th. Unfortunatly that viewing was wrecked with technical difficulties...the last 20 minutes of the movie or so had very little sound. What an awful way to see a movie that you've been anticipating for seven months! But I got to see the movie again the next day, so it was all good.
  • I went to Comic-Con and about an unforgettable experience. Read about it here.
  • I flew out to my native state of California for Prince Caspian's opening day, so I could attend a special "Lion Party" at the prestigious El Capitan theater. I also have the distinct honor of having visited Disneyland on PC's Opening Day!

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