Foreign Subtitle Bloopers for LWW
Courtesy of Nienor_Lalaith


During the air-raid, when Edmund runs back for the picture frame:
Peter: Edmund, get down!
Subtitle: Dermond, crouch down!

At the train stop:
Peter: Mrs. Macready?
Subtitle: Mrs. McGredy?

At the professor's house:
Lucy: The sheets feel scratchy.
Subtitle: The sheets are hard.

Susan: (to Edmund) Isn't it time you were in bed?
Subtitle: Go to sleep, Dermond!

Before hide and seek:
Edmund: ...Is it Latin for the worst game ever invented?
Subtitle: Yes it's Latin it means biggest worst (??) ever invented.

Meeting Tumnus:
Tumnus: Spare Oom? Is that in Narnia?
Subtitle: Wait, a room? That's Tarmania?
(Narnia is referred as 'Mania' in that scene)

Tumnus: My is Tumnus.
Subtitle: I'm Tomnus.

Lucy: I'm Lucy Pevensie.
Subtitle: I'm Lucy Pebets.

Tumnus: How would it be if you came and had tea with me?
Subtitle: How would it be if I asked you out to dinner?

When Lucy is going back:
Tumnus: You've made me feel warmer than I've felt in 100 years.
Subtitle: I haven't been this happy in 100 years.

When Edmund meets the Witch:
Edmund: Can you make me taller?
Subtitle: Can you make me grow?

White Witch: You are exactly the sort of boy that I could see one day becoming prince of Narnia.
Subtitle: You are so handsome that I'd like to name you Prince of Narnia!
(Tumnus is referred to as 'Domnus' in that scene)

When Lucy sees Edmund:
Edmund: How do we get out of here?
Subtitle: Hey, where's the exit?

At the Beaver's house:
Susan: (after the Son of Adam/Daughter of Eve poem) You know, that doesn't really rhyme.
Subtitle: Hey Mr. that doesn't rhyme.

About to run away from the wolves:
Susan: Do you think we'll need jam?
Subtitle: Take this too!

Peter: Only if the Witch serves toast!
Subtitle: Only if she offers us cookies!

When they see Fox:
Mr. Beaver: Well you look an awful lot like one of the bad ones.
Subtitle: Yeah well you're so ugly that you look like one of the bad ones.

Fox: They were helping Tumnus.
Subtitle: They were helping everyone.

Helping the hurt Fox:
Fox: I wish I could say their bark is worse than their bite...
Subtitle: They bark alot more than they bite.

Mrs. Beaver: You're worse than Beaver on bath day!
Subtitle: You're worse than my husband when he bathes.

Fox: We can't go to war without you.
Subtitle: You're absolutely necessary in this war.

Peter: We just want our brother back.
Subtitle: I just want my brother to come back.

At the White Witch's castle:
Edmund: I wanted to see you!
Subtitle: I wanted to be with you!

Walking in the snow:
Mr. Beaver: C'mon humans, while we're still young!
Subtitle: C'mon humans, I'm getting old!

Lucy: He is getting a little bossy.
Subtitle: He likes being so bossy.

When they meet Father Christmas:
Father Christmas: (after Lucy says she thinks she could be brave enough to fight) I'm sure you could. Battles are ugly affairs.
Subtitle: I bet you can, battles are repulsive.

Crossing the river:
Mrs. Beaver: You've been sneaking second helping, haven't you?
Subtitle: I warned you not to eat all those desserts!

Arriving at the camp:
Susan: Why is everyone staring at us?
Subtitle: Why are they looking at us like that?

Lucy: Maybe they think you look funny.
Subtitle: Maybe because you're so ugly.

By the stream:
Lucy: (about their dresses) We should take some back (to their mom). A whole trunkful!
Subtitle: We'll take some back to her. Some pretty ones.

After Peter fights Maugrim:
Aslan: Sir Peter Wolfsbane.
Subtitle: Sir Peter, the Terror of the Wolves.

After Edmund comes back:
Peter: ...Try not to wander off.
Subtitle: Don't go away anymore.

Lucy: Narnia's not going to run out of toast, Ed.
Subtitle: Leave some food for the rest of Narnia!

Before the battle:
Peter: (after telling the others they should go back) It doesn't mean I can't stay behind and help.
Subtitle: You know, I better stay behind and help.

Edmund: We can't leave these people behind to suffer for it.
Subtitle: We can't leave them to suffer because of me.

After Aslan's meeting with the Witch:
Aslan: She has renounced her claim on the Son of Adam's blood.
Subtitle: She has renounced Adam's sacrifice forever.

At the Stone Table:
White Witch: With that knowledge...despair...and die.
Subtitle: They're waiting for you, die!

Lucy: We can't just leave him! (meaning Aslan)
Subtitle: I don't want to abandon him!

Susan: He's gone.
Subtitle: He dead, ok?

As the battle unfolds...
White Witch: I have no interest in prisoners. Kill them all.
Subtitle: I don't really want prisoners this time, so you can kill them all.

Aslan returns...
Lucy: We have to help them!
Subtitle: He have to go to war too!

Aslan: Get on my back...
Subtitle: Sit on my neck...

At the Witch's castle...
Aslan: We must hurry and search the castle.
Subtitle: C'mon we have to register the castle.

After Edmund is healed...
Peter: When are you going to learn to do as you're told?
Subtitle: How come you never do anything I say?

Aslan: I give you King Peter, the Magnificent.
Subtitle: I give the you the Good Peter, Magnificent.

After coronation...
Tumnus: After all, he's not a tame lion.
Subtitle: He's not domesticated, you know.

Lucy: No, but he is good.
Subtitle: No, but I like him anyway.

Back at the Professor's...
Professor: (after Peter says he wouldn't believe them) Try me.
Subtitle: We'll see about that!

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