The Screenplay
Here is the official screenplay of LWW, kindly typed up by DavisChristian and Griffle of Narniaweb.

Please click on one of the links to go to a section in the screenplay:

1. The Blitz, 1940
2. The Professor's House
3. Lucy Looks Into A Wardrobe
4. Mr. Tumnusí House
5. Turkish Delight
6. Logic
7. The World of Narnia
8. The Prophecy
9. In The Witch's House
10. Across The Melting River
11. Aslanís Camp
12. Sir Peter Wolfsbane
13. The Lion And The Witch
14. Aslanís Sacrifice
15. "For Narnia... And For Aslan!"
16. Aslanís Resurrection
17. Restoration
18. The Royal Coronation
19. Credits

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