The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Movie Review
Here is the review I wrote for was written in a hurry and was meant for my blog, hence the...roughness. ;)

I went ahead and rated each section of the movie on a scale of 1 to 10. :)

Acting: 10/10
It gets a enormous 10 here! Everyone was simply fantastic. Georgie, the one kid that I just KNEW was going to blow me away, did. She was so wonderful! It was hard to believe that she was only eight years old when they did that.
All the kids impressed me hugely, but the one that really stands out was Skandar Keynes. Wow. I knew he was good, but not that good! He portrays the character of Edmund so perfectly.
Will was also very impressive...Anna was as well. Each of the actors were fantastic, actually...Tilda, Liam...everyone. There wasn't one person who was cringe-worthy.

Directing: 10/10
I'm not expert, so I give AA a 10. I think he did a good job. Of course, after my first showing I wasn't sure if I liked his direction, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to trust him with another book. But the second viewing brought out the special qualities that he imputed. Great job, Son of Adam!

Digital Effects: 9/10
This gets a nine. For the majority of the movie, the CG just stunned me. Tumnus's legs, anyone? I mean, going into the movie I KNEW they were totally CG, but it wasn't until today that I actually got it through my brain that they were NOT real in any way.
The effects do get a nine though, because there was one scene where the whole atmosphere just screamed 'Green-screen!'. At at one point, the Beavers looked better suited to 'Over the Hedge' then to Narnia.
But I really did like the effects. They were good! Aslan was very, very well done. And the oh wow!

Music (Score): 10/10
10 here! I was VERY impressed. This is one of those scores that enhance the movie, not star. There were very few times were the viewer's attention was drawn solely to the music; in this movie the music simply reinforced what you were seeing on screen. It may not make for particularly fantastic stand-alone listening, but that is a compliment. It takes a very good composer to write something like that!
I also liked the little 'modern' additions. And that is strong praise coming from me, since I hate anything contemporary! When I first heard a clip of the 'Evacuating London' music, my reaction was 'EWWW! What is that?!?!?! That can't be Narnia!" I was sure I was going to hate it, but I allowed myself to reserve judgment until I saw the movie. And boy was I surprised!
It fit with the scene so well. The rolling of the music fit with the train movement, and the vocals seemed to be urging the kids to come back, and not go away. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. *claps*. And who didn't love the swing song during the hide-and-seek game?

Cinematography: 10/10
Again, I am no expert so I give it a 10. I liked what I saw! The camera angle during the map/to the battlefield scene was very impressive.

Adaption: 10/10
A nine here. I would have given it a 10, because I thought they did a FABULOUS job with the characters and the story itself in general, but there was one point that I wasn't too thrilled about.
Aslan is not made up to be the awe-inspiring character that we know him to be. Its like, he's mentioned, he's there, he dies, he lives, so what? Maybe I'm just overly-critical, but my majestic Aslan was missing. I think this might have been helped if Aslan had been mentioned and praised more before we actually see him, but it can't be helped. Hopefully this problem will be remedied in future movies, so the audience will really love Aslan for who he is.

Costumes: 10/10
Resounding 10. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Makeup/Prosthetics: 9/10
A nine here. As with 'Adaption' I would have given it a ten, if not for ONE thing.
Anyone saw the the Centaur's faces when the Pevensie's first arrive at Aslan's camp? Their faces looked plastered on. No joke. Total cringe moment right there. But for the rest of the movie, they were great. Pretty good! :)

So, that's my review on the important parts. :) Don't ask me what my favorite scene was, because I don't have one yet.
All in all...a great movie! BRING ON PRINCE CASPIAN, WHOOO HOOOO!

- Lisa the Webmistress

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