Below are a small collection of Narnian wallpapers (sized 1027x786) for you to use. Please do not hotlink. Thanks, and enjoy! :) (Terms of Use)

Anna Photoshoot Georgie Dots Peter Pevensie Susan Pevensie Edmund Pevensie Lucy Pevensie Return to Narnia When All Has Faded Returned My World About to Change William Moseley Wallpaper Beautiful Anna This is Reality I am Jadis - Wallpaper Simply Georgie - Wallpaper Beautiful Butterfly Angel - Anna Wallpaper Flying Wallpaper Yearning for You Where have you gone? Tumnus Abstract Lucy Abstract Edmund Abstract Susan Abstract Peter Abstract Once a King or Queen in Narnia... Lucy Candle A World I Was Made For So Much Bigger then Me I Believe in the Impossible - Susan I Believe in the Impossible - Lucy Goofy Boys Collage Faith Enough for the Rest of Us Narniaweb So Far From Home In Narnia - Wonder In Narnia - Snow Queen Lucy In Aslan's Camp Edmund in Courtyard Scary Creatures Aslan Collage

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