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Past Caption Contest Winners:

Caption Contest 5

Honorable Mentions:

Caspian: Oh, no, Fan Girls!
- Sarah H.

Caption Contest 4

Honorable Mentions:

Caspian: Boy, that's a lot of people.
Peter: I know, isn't it awesome!!!!!
Edmund: Hehe, Caspian is scared...
- Kristine

Caption Contest 3

Honorable Mentions:

Peter: "Hello. My name is Peter Pevensie. You have stabbed my brother. Prepare to DIE!!!"
- Horselover75

Caption Contest 2

Honorable Mentions:

Mrs. MacReady, wanting tinsel and glamour, tried making Gollum faces to see if she could win best CG character, without any CG at all.
- Music_girl08

Caption Contest 1

Honorable Mentions:

Susan: Peter, the chicken dance mixed with the electric slide is not appropriate right now!
Edmund: Oh dear Lord above.
- Music_girl08

Susan- We need to see a family counselor, this is just getting out of control!
Edmund- LALALALALLALALALALA I'm not listening!!!!!! I'm going to my haaaaaappy plaaaaaace!
- Burn4You

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