Peter Pevensie

Peter Pevensie is the oldest of the Pevensies, and appointed head of the family by his mother when the children are sent to live in the country to escape the London bombings. When Lucy returns from her first trip to Narnia, he, along with the other children, do not believe her. He is concerned for her, and after her second trip with Edmund, he and Susan seek the advice of the wise and kind Professor Kirke.
Peter himself enters Narnia during a frantic attempt to stay out of the way of the Professor's housekeeper, and quickly assumes the role of leader. He is first to accept Mr. Beaver's help, and when Edmund later deserts them, he is prepared to risk all in order to save him. When the group meets up with Father Christmas, Peter receives a shield and a sword named Rhindon. He later uses these weapons to defend his sisters from the wolfMaugrim.
At Aslan's Camp, Peter is placed in charge of Aslan's army and leads them into battle when Aslan leaves camp unexpectedly. He fights bravely in the battle and duels the White Witch herself, and is later crowned King Peter the Magnificent, High King of Narnia. He reigned for16 years, and was the greatest king Narnia ever knew before or after. He, along with his siblings, are taken back to Our World when they stumbled upon the wardrobe during a hunting trip.
One year later, at a train station on their way to school, Peter and his siblings are summoned back to Narnia by Caspian's horn. After arriving at the ruins ofCair Paravel and meeting up with Trumpkin the dwarf, the group travels to join Caspian and his army of Narnians.
After Aslan arrives and then leaves with the girls, Peter and Edmund continue to journey with Trumpkin to the caves where the army is encamped. Once there, Peter aids in the killing of several traitors, and later gives Caspian tactical advice, which includes challenging Miraz to a duel. The Telmarine King accepts and Peter fights a one-on-one duel with him,despite the fact that Miraz is much older and stronger than he, and that the likely-hood of himself being killed is great. But Miraz is murdered by two of his generals, and Peter then fights with the Narnians and succeeds in defeating the Telmarine army.
After the battle Aslan informs Peter and Susan that they can no longer return to Narnia because they are too old. All four Pevensies then leave Narnia on Aslan's breath, and return to Our World.
What became of Peter afterwards not much is known. In 1949 ET when Peter was 22, he attended a meeting of all the Friends of Narnia. There they witnessed the apparition of Tirian pleading for help, and Peter and Edmund search for the Professor's buried Magic Rings, posing as workmen. But he is later killed in a train accident and arrives in Aslan's Country, and is counted among the faithful at the Great Reunion.

Peter Pevensie
Various Portrayals:
Quick Facts
Image 1967 TV Series
Played by: Paul Waller
Year made: 1967
Produced by: BBC (?)
Movies appeared in: LWW

Image 1979 Cartoon
Voiced by: Reg Williams
Year made: 1979
Produced by: Children's Television Workshop
Movies appeared in: LWW

Image BBC Television Drama
Played by: Richard Dempsey
Year made: 1988
Produced by: BBC
Movies appeared in: LWW, PC

Image Walden Media Movie Production
Played by: William Moseley and Noah Huntley (Older Peter)
Year made: 2005, 2008, 2010
Produced by: Walden Media
Movies appeared in: LWW, PC, VdT

Full Name Peter Pevensie
Books featured in: LWW, PC, LB
Aliases/Nicknames: The High King Peter; King Peter the Magnificent; Son of Adam
Age: LWW,13; PC,14; LB,22
Year of birth: 1927, Earth time
Year of death: 1949, Earth time
Race: Human
Hair color: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie
Siblings: Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie
Spouse: None
Children: None

Image Focus on the Family Radio Theatre
Voiced by: Freddie Findlay, Peter Moreton (adult Peter)
Year made: 1998
Produced by: Focus on the Family
Dramas appeared in: LWW, PC, LB

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 Caspian X
 Digory Kirke
 Dr. Cornelius
 Edmund Pevensie
 Eustace Scrubb
 Jill Pole
 Lady of the Green Kirtle
 Lucy Pevensie
 Mr. and Mrs. Beaver
 Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie
 Mr. Tumnus
 Peter Pevensie
 Polly Plummer
 Ramandu's Daughter
 Rishda Tarkaan
 Susan Pevensie

MN = Magician's Nephew; LWW = The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; HHB = The Horse and His Boy;
PC = Prince Caspian; VODT = The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; SC = The Silver Chair; LB = The Last Battle
ET = Earth Time; NT = Narnian Time

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