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Daniel | |
Hello Lissa!
I sent an e-mail to you requesting affiliation, but you havent responded so I am doing it here.
Would you like to affiliate with my site?
If so, please write in my guestbook and find a link to me button on my affiliates page.
August 8 2009 - Slovakia

Lover of Narnia
This is a really awesome site. you have so many nice screen caps. You really help me with my art. I enjoy coming here and looking around. Plus I love your site header!!!
August 7 2009 - Narnia, King Caspian's Castle

Caspian XI |
This is the most AWESOME Narnia site I've visited! It has almost EVERYTHING here!!!

--Long Live Aslan!!!
August 6 2009 - Narnia

Madison J

I love your site!! I visit it everyday, I enter the contests, and I use your bases and avvies and graphics alot. THANKS AND KEEP IT UP!!!
August 1 2009 - Indiana

I admire your site alot!!

One comment on the Props of Narnia, specifically Queen Susan's horn.... I thought Caspian took the horn with him on the voyage of the Dawn Treader, since I thought it was with that horn that he called for Eustace on Dragon Island after he had wandered off. But I dont think the book specifies that it was Susan's horn he blew.

Anways, love the site!!!
July 31 2009 - Archenland

I love this wonderful site! I've been visiting here every day about 10 times a day for the past 4months or so.
I admire your work and everything for taking all this time to create this site.
July 24 2009 - Canada

Narnian Rose
I love the graphics here! They are so cool!
July 23 2009 - Cair Paravel

Erin |
I love this site! it is always the first site i go to when im on the internet, it is awesome! i soo can't wait for VoDT to come! btw, this is true - when the crew arrives in Australia, i shall only be 3 and 1/2 hours away from the crew, Ben, Georgie, Skandar and Will. Totally Cool!
July 11 2009 - Australia

Tulcadhiel_Greenleaf |
I just want to say how much I admire your gorgeous, helpful, and well layed out site. It has to be my favourite narnia site on the web! Keep up the amazing work!:D
-Tulcadhiel from CouncilofElrond
July 10 2009 - Middle Earth

Ana |
I love the site! great big fan of ben barnes and the whole series.
July 9 2009 - USA

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