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The Dreaming Authoress
Thanks for the great signature blend contest...I'm looking forward to a wallpaper contest next! Great job on the new layout.
October 29 2009 - Somewhere beyond the wardrobe...

If you go to this site here: It looks a lot like your layout! She had hers before you did. It must be all the rage for narnian sites!!!
October 28 2009

Naomi |
haha hey it's me again!
looking forward, i think you should do the next layout with a pic of Pete or Ed (haha another dude, yes) i thought the suggestion in the past polls of peter on a unicorn w/red blue and cream would be nice (although those are kindof america colors... and that would be weird....
but i'm sure whatever you do next will be gorgeous!
October 22 2009 - somewhere on this little round ball

Naomi |
OHMYGOSH! the 5th pic by Dragonseye in fan artwork is BEAUTIFUL! good job!
haha now to ms lisa fantastic job with the layout, it's gorgeous! *heehee i love the smileys* i hadn't checked spareoom for a while cuz i knew you hadn't updated since august, but i looked today, and i missed the contest! boohoo! i'm so sad! but that's ok... good job with everything and keep up the GRR-EAT work!
October 21 2009 - somewhere on this little round ball

For Narnia and For Aslan |
OMG OMG OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I absolutly love the new skin. The layout is amazing and the colors and picture...It's all so awsome! Great job! It looks wonderful.
October 15 2009 - Canada

Very cool! The pale colors, the picturesque'd be perfect if that guy there weren't blocking the whole thing, what was his name again??....I'm totally kidding! :O) This is by far my favorite narnian site! You're always more and more creative with each update!
October 14 2009

The new layout is lovely! I'm looking forward to the yet-undisclosed new feature. This has been my favorite Narnia website for a long time... thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it.
October 13 2009 - Northern Alberta, Canada

It needs more Skandar Keynes
October 12 2009

Margaret |
I really love the new layout! It's perfect for winter; so gorgeously blue and quiet. And of course, there's reflective Caspain. Yey!
October 12 2009 - CT USA

Wow! I love the new layout! It's beautiful! Thanks for all the time you take into making this site what it is!
October 12 2009

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