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Kris-of-Narnia | |
I really enjoy your graphics, one suggestion, put up some graphic sets for people to use on there web pages. I have to look at your site some more! I've only looked at the graphics so far and LOVE THEM!!!
June 13 2006 - WI

LUke kallberg | |
Your the MAN!
June 5 2006 - Oak Brook
Comment by Lisa the Webmistress:   Actually, I'm the girl. ;) :p

RachaelFan |
Ur site is sooo great!! Good job and keep it up!
June 5 2006 - Missouri

I luv dis site!! It roks my soks!!!anywayz i fink dat Narnia iz da best movie evr nd i fnk lil georgie iz sooo sweet!!
June 3 2006 - England

Wow this site is really good. its definatly the best Narnia site! There are so many pictures and other thigs. Keep up the amazing work you are doing on this site!!
May 31 2006

Queen Lucy the Valiant
I have another question. If you get a forum would it be a bravenet forum or one you have to join?
May 30 2006
Comment by Lisa the Webmistress:   It would be a custom forum (not bravenet though) and you would have to join. You wouldn't need to give out any kind of personal information, though.

some of the new bases would make great cartoon avatars!!! i can't get the puzzles to come up. oh well. i love this site!!!!!!!
May 29 2006

Queen Lucy the Valiant
I wanted to play with one of the puzzles, but it didn't come up do you know why?
May 27 2006 - Lantern Waste, Narnia
Comment by Lisa the Webmistress:   You'll need Java Applet and Java Script installed to play the puzzles...try Googling those plug-ins to find a download of them.

Valerie | |
Oh, this is awesome!!
May 27 2006 - USA!!!

Hey! Great site! Keep it up! xxx
May 27 2006 - Northern Ireland

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