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bud |
hey lisa :)
glad you're alive lol i don't know if you've heard, but vodt is coming out in 3D! i personally, have never seen a 3D movie, but i hear they bring in lots of dough, and if vodt doesn't have a big turnout, it might be the last *dundunduuuuun* yes, i know, scary haha all at once lol (shock, then confusion, then thumbs down ;P) so i just thought you might want to know that, i guess, and hope you update soon
March 25 2010 - somewhere on this little round ball

Jill Pole
Wow this place is so cool y'all! i LOVE narnia and can't wait for VoDT
March 21 2010 - Narnia

ok! looking forward to it!! glad to know you're still here
March 17 2010 - Narnia

Caroline |
Yeah, what happened? Where are you?
March 10 2010 - Narnia
Comment by Lisa the Webmistress:   I'm here! :p Don't worry, I (and!) are not going anywhere. Life's just been busy, that's all. Don't worry; once VdT news picks up you'll all be seeing quite a bit of me!

Um, it's been two months since you've last updated. :( Is Spareoom on hiatus?
March 5 2010 - the Deep South

Daniel | |
My wife and I own a horseback riding company in Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada. Our riding trails are themed after Narnia. I would like to post some pictures on this great site. How do I post or add pictures?
For Aslan!
February 25 2010 - Canada
Comment by Lisa the Webmistress:   You can send an email with the pics to webmaster (at) :) I look forward to seeing them!

Jules the Unicorn |
Just wondering if when we can see the winner of the caption contest. I'm very excited. . .

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy this site.
February 13 2010 - Eastern Coast of the United States

The Dreaming Authoress
Hullo Lisa! I hope you're doing okay...I've missed your cheery updates! Looking forward to that forum...
February 13 2010 - Oh, somewhere

Edmund's Lover. ;D |
I think I just passed out from the awesomeness of this website! The best Narnia website that I have been to in a long time. :) Can't wait to see more pix of DT and more pix of Edmund for that matter....I think you can tell that I totally LOVE Edmund!!
February 10 2010 - Claxton, Georgia

Queen Lucy |
I love this site! So many images, great tutorials, and everything Narnia! Great job !
January 31 2010 - USA

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