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i just saw voyage of the dawn treader. LOVED IT!! silver chair must come! read all the books like 5 times! awesomest narnia website here EVER!!
January 17 2011

LadyRohan |
Just stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you.
January 16 2011 - Edoras

thanks for all you`ve done for us. it`s one of the greatest funsites I`ve ever seen. good luck in doing your fantastic job)))) thaaaank u
January 10 2011 - Harfang

Victoria |
Thank you for your site!!! It's great! I see it takes a lot of work. I've loved Narnia since I could read! I really appreciate your site as I (like many others), am a HUGE BB fan also.
January 8 2011 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Caspian XI |
Hiya! :D Just watched Dawn Treader with my friend today. We've been planning this for two years and we had so much fun! lol CAN'T WAIT TIL THE SILVER CHAIR!!! :D :D :D
December 29 2010 - Aslan's Country

Jill Pole
Nice site! I watched VDT and its AMAZING! Hope SC comes out!
December 29 2010 - Dawn Treader ( LOL im in the UK! )

Grace | |
Just saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I'm on a total Narnia high right now! It was such an amazing movie and Skander is my new favorite actor :) Beautiful boy...
December 22 2010 - Vancouver

Tonzura123 | |
I think this became my favourite website in the world when I discovered that it had a PDF file of the original LWW script...
Yeah. That was it.
December 15 2010 - Gardner-Webb University

Jules the Unicorn |
Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to thank you for the honest and well-thought through "first impressions." I agree pretty much 100% - regardless of some additions and subtractions which I don't like, VDT was beautiful, touching, and, in my opinion, well worth the wait! Thanks for keeping up such a beautiful, tasteful, God-honoring site.
December 13 2010 - USA Northeast

Wow! What a wonderful new layout!
Good to see you back!
December 8 2010 - Texas

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