The Wardrobe

The wardrobe was created by Professor Digory Kirke, using the wood from a tree that had grown from the seeds of a Narnian apple. Although the Professor didn't know it, the Wardrobe was enchanted and many years later, Lucy Pevensie discovered a way into Narnia through the Wardrobe. The Wardrobe was used as an access point three times; once by Lucy, once by Lucy and Edmund, and then by all four Pevensies. After the Pevensies returned for the last time, the Wardrobe ceased to be an entry way into Narnia and was never used for that purpose again.
In the movie, the Wardrobe is elaborately carved with scenes from the Magician's Nephew. The carvings include the Wood between the Worlds, Charn, the Bell, Fletch, the Garden on the Hill, and the Tree of Protection.